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    What this is all about?


    Lucifer 101299

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    What this is all about?

    Post by Lucifer 101299 on Sun Jun 25, 2017 4:15 pm

    Hey there I'm Lucifer101299 and my in game Id is
    AS 2469978 my question is that I just wanna know that what this website is all about and what is the aim of this website and what we will do in the future by the help of this account. Feel free to tell me I will cooperate with you all surely

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    Re: What this is all about?

    Post by aiskrim on Wed Jun 28, 2017 6:57 pm

    We bought this website in an attempt to make archives of our own, regarding this game's info. This place is for us to discuss about war, to mingle and to know each other more. Important things can be shared here such as inactivity notice or war timing preference...
    We chose to do it this way instead of the prefered way of either whatsapp or facebook because we did not want it to affect ours and our members daily life. Every gaming aspect can be available here, so we can choose to be emersed in it rather than be forced to with whatsapp or fbmessages notices popping up ever so often.

    We value and appreciate our members contribution to the clan .. thus we created player funding, to entice and motivate them to continue playing together with us, as we have noticed sudden drop of activity rate in the clan. To make it work, we need their email address to transfer funds overseas safely; another reason on why we made this website.
    Even so...with the lack of response from our members regarding our website, we seriously consider to rethink things through.
    Now, in order for us to maintain our chase for the 1st page in clan rankings... we would have to wash off casual players even if they play well... and keep on rebuilding the clan till we find commited set of players.. that will ensure the progress of the clan and to fulfill the purpose of having a clan in the first place. It may seem harsh but.. we need to do it in order to advance.. unless the current situation change... given, that we have all of our members cooperation to make this website and plan, work.
    Our dream is to be, and stay.. in the 1st page of the clan rankings and to have a great time playing MSO with our clanmates... to be known as a great clan that helps one another in gaining combat experience.
    Now we will have to see after this coming MSO update.. on our next move for the clan.
    Tor Baap

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    Re: What this is all about?

    Post by Tor Baap on Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:08 am

    Couldn't have said better brother, you perfectly outlined the forum's​ & the clans objectives here. This forum is a much better idea than those fb or Whatsapp groups where constant notifications might annoy and discourage user activity.
    And yes, we are lacking activities in this forum due to fewer clan members registering​ in this site. What we need is some plan to attract more members from the original mso group to actively take part in this forum. All in all, we are here for fun and having a great time playing this amazing game is the only thing that matters.

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    Re: What this is all about?

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